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What Activities 

can you do?


  • Trekking
    In this Park you can make ascent hikes in the 4 kilometers towards the third highest summit of Guatemala and Central America; or 4 kilometers towards the Fuego volcano viewpoint. It is recommended to use the appropriate equipment and walk the marked trails and confirmed by local guides, because the terrain conditions are variable, as well as the climate and visibility can vary suddenly,
  • Horse-back ride
    Check with local guides and tour operators about the availability of horses to make the ascent, since they are also used to carry the load of equipment.
  • Photography
    If observation and appreciation of landscapes, flora and wildlife is your thing, in the Park there is a great diversity of opportunities to document your experiences and share them. We recommend consulting with your guides and tour operators your expectations and specific intentions, to schedule a satisfactory visit and not delay groups that want to ascend to the summit.