There are several local organizations and people that require your voluntary collaboration, in support of activities related to sustainable tourism and the conservation of the Municipal Park.

If you want more information about volunteering and collaboration, contact the Municipality of Acatenango to consider the programmed activities: 4663 1932 (Whatsapp).





 Master Plan 2015 - 2018 (spa)

  • It is the main document that constitutes a legal instrument, authorized by the National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP), for the administration and management of the Park, in which the conservation objectives are established, the main threats to flora and fauna, rules that must be applied, and the identification of the opportunities and strategies that must be implemented by the Municipality of Acatenango with the objective of conservation and sustainable use by communities and visitors.


 Visitor´s Management Plan (spa)

  • This instrument seeks to promote the regulation of tourism and visitation to the Park, through its development and promotion as a completely safe, quality adventure destination, with the implementation of visiting rules in accordance with the fragility of the ecosystems and an efficient system to mitigate negative impacts


 Biological Monitoring Plan (spa)

  • The purpose of this instrument is to become a tool that can preliminarily assess the ecological integrity of the Acatenango and Fuego volcanic complex. The proposal consists of a type of monitoring based on the evaluation of medium-term biodiversity trends, considering the effects of threats to ecosystems, flora and fauna, contemplating conservation efforts for adaptive management.


Integrated Fire Management Plan (spa)

  • This instrument describes the current situation regarding the management of forest fires, the use of fire, first-response capacities by the Municipality and communities, as well as a proposal of several strategies to implement adaptation measures related to livelihoods of the communities and fire impact on ecosystems and the natural, cultural and socio-economic values ​​of the Park.