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Ultramaraton Race Guatemala 

Ultramaraton Guatemala (UTG) it is a long-distance race – about 77 kilometers-  that takes you to the best scenarios of volcanoes that Guatemala can offer, UTG was born from Expeditions Lucianos agency and the dream of creating an extremely demanding career for the human being. 

Trilogy 77k: The queen of tests, ascent to Agua, Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes, the Acatenango route is surrounded by Finca San Sebastián. In this distance we run through some streets of the towns of Santa María de Jesús, San Juan Alotenango, La Soledad Village in Acatenango, San Miguel Dueñas, Ciudad Vieja and Antigua Guatemala. Passing through technical sites, dense vegetation, arid, rocky terrain, and the best views from the central volcanoes of Guatemala.


 Holy Week Penitence  

The Holy Monday of each year, residents who profess the Catholic religion, climb the Acatenango Volcano as a penitence to expiate sins and receive blessings from God. They go up early in the morning without having eaten, fasting and eating only after the Mass that the priest leads, which ends approximately at noon, and then descends to their different communities.