What to do in
emergency situations?


a. Mountain sickness
You may suffer from dizziness, nausea or vomiting, headache or shortness of breath due to reduced atmospheric pressure and low oxygen levels. The first thing you should do if you suffer from mountain sickness is to stop or descend to a lower altitude, making as little physical effort as possible.

b. Hypothermia
The most extreme case is hypothermia, which is a decrease in body temperature between 32 and 35 °C, the most frequent signs being: frequent tremors, fatigue, cold skin and hyperventilation. You should always call the rescue bodies, but while they arrive, protect the person from any source of cold, remove all wet clothes, heat the central part of the body and try to maintain the level of the temperature of the affected person. 

c. Injuries 
In case of any sprain or any fall in rocky terrain, it is always advisable to bring bandages, alcohol, band-aids and anti-inflammatory in your kit, to relieve these injuries.




From 6.00 am To 5.00 pm

* If you wish to enter the park in a different time, give notice to the Acatenango Municipality with enough time in advance *

Local Visitor
Students with ID
National Tourist
Foreign Tourist
* You will need to show your DPI

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Climbing and Descending Times
3976 msnm (top)
Trail length:
- To the top 3,768 m
- To Campamento Fuego 3736 m
Estimated climbing time:
3 - 5 hours
Estimated descending time:
1 - 2 hours
* Minimum temperatures of -5° C *

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