Safety and



To guarantee the safety and welfare of its visitors, the Municipality of Acatenango requires compliance with the following rules without exception:


1. Respect the established  visiting hours


5. The disturbance, damage and extraction of flora and fauna of the place is prohibited, as well as the damage to the tourist facilities of the park.

2. Pay your entrance according to
established rates and demand your


6. Visitors to the Acatenango Volcano must bring back all trash and waste that enters the Municipal Regional Park and deposit it in the assigned areas.

3.  Sign up in the visitor's book.


7. To ascend to the Acatenango Volcano and for safety, it is necessary to have the appropriate climbing equipment.

4. If it is your first visit to the Park
or you plan to camp a Community
Guide must accompany you all time.



This is a natural area protected by law. Comply with this regulation and follow the signs and recommendations of the guides and park rangers.







From 6.00 am To 5.00 pm

* If you wish to enter the park in a different time, give notice to the Acatenango Municipality with enough time in advance *

Local Visitor
Students with ID
National Tourist
Foreign Tourist
* You will need to show your DPI

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Climbing and Descending Times
3976 msnm (top)
Trail length:
- To the top 3,768 m
- To Campamento Fuego 3736 m
Estimated climbing time:
3 - 5 hours
Estimated descending time:
1 - 2 hours
* Minimum temperatures of -5° C *

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