Food and




Food Recomendations

Bring easy-to-prepare or prepared food that only needs to be heated in bonfire. When you spend the night in a volcano, you must take hot drinks such as soups, coffee, tea or chocolate.

Camping Area

  • Camping only in designated areas.
  • It is not allowed to make loud sounds that disturb the fauna and ecology of the Volcano.
  • The place where you camp must be clean after you leave.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the Municipal Regional Park.

Walking tips

  • All hikes must be properly prepared and planned.
  • You must document yourself to know the characteristics of the region you are going to, and never leave a fellow traveler on the mountain.

Recommended mountain equipment

Comfortable and lightweight backpack, sleeping bag, light load, assault backpack (small backpack), personal first aid kit, comfortable field boots, thick layers, two-yards nylon cape, spare clothing (t-shirts, trousers and socks), wool hat, gloves, flashlight, spare batteries, one liter of water per day, light-fast prepared food and camera. The assault backpack should carry: One liter of water, flashlight, batteries, windbreaker (light layer), prepared foods or fruit and personal kit.

Extra equipment

It is also recommended a camping-gas stove, light tent, binoculars and a large nylon layer.

Special recommendations

  • Do not put too much weight in your backpack.
  • Respect the sowings, forests and oratories of the inhabitants of the region and do not isolate yourself from your group, please return all your garbage.




From 6.00 am To 5.00 pm

* If you wish to enter the park in a different time, give notice to the Acatenango Municipality with enough time in advance *

Local Visitor
Students with ID
National Tourist
Foreign Tourist
* You will need to show your DPI

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Climbing and Descending Times
3976 msnm (top)
Trail length:
- To the top 3,768 m
- To Campamento Fuego 3736 m
Estimated climbing time:
3 - 5 hours
Estimated descending time:
1 - 2 hours
* Minimum temperatures of -5° C *

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